Every organization is built on the thoughts, experiences and artifacts of its participants. This page lists some writings relevant to the Peermore attitude and philosophy.

The Computer as Tool: From Interaction To Augmentation
A final paper from a graduate level course in Human Computer Interaction. It suggests a design approach wherein computers and computer applications are thought of as tools rather than interactive devices. This is the subtle difference between doing something with a computer and requesting a computer do something for you. This paper was instrumental in forming the Blue Oxen Way, a framework for a philsophy of collaboration.
Peer Pressure
Chris Dent's blog about being and making the web.
TiddlyWeb: HTTP for Tiddlers
A paper submitted to WS-REST 2010 describing the practical lessons learned from attempting to implement a generally useful REST API. The paper show where tradeoffs between theory and practice are required. It was not accepted but the experience was very positive.
Inverting the Social Web with Internet Banks of Content
Submission to Federated Social Web, 2011 describing a concept for a federated social web that separates data storage from presentation services.
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