Peermore engages in open source and private design and development projects with a strong preference for open projects with input from use by a diverse public. A sampling of past and current projects is below:

TiddlyWeb is designed as a referenceable and extensible implementation of a server-side storage system for TiddlyWiki, an all-in-one-html-file Javascript-based wiki tool. Server-side storage extends TiddlyWiki from being an excellent tool for personal information management to being a powerful tool for group collaboration and information sharing.
Wiki-Data and MyAvoxData
Searchable repositories of business entity data hosted on a customized installation of TiddlyWeb.
A "discoursive, social model for TiddlyWiki" built on TiddlyWeb for the creation, curation and sharing of small chunks of information.
The introverted Unix-guy's pre-cursor to TiddlySpace.
manifestopheles provides a wiki-like way of attaching a manifesto to the details: a personal dictionary of words and phrases auto-linked from the manifesto. Many manifestos, one dictionary. Or vice versa.
xenBlue ccrConnector
Working with xenBlue to create tools (a continuity of care connector) to accelerate the processing of patient health information from many sources and improve granularity of access.
Design and development of a support website for Team Hoosiers participation in the 2009 Race Across America. The website will provide route sensitive information on weather, other hazards, access to food and fuel for team members as well as regular updates for spectators.
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